Architects' Office Kimmo Kuismanen

Architects' office Kimmo Kuismanen is a medium-sized architects' office. Our policy is to produce a small amount of carefully researched buildings and town plans. Our goal is to compile an overall concept of our projects that combines a sustainable way of building, simple technical implementation, low operating costs and a pleasant setting. Kimmo Kuismanen is a member of both the planners' and architects' registers.

Our office's own research, international contacts and systematic training of staff guarantee that our designs are made with professional skill. Thanks to careful designing, our buildings have proven to require little repair. Many of the buildings we have designed have the lowest energy consumption in the municipality.

As a principal design office we supervise planning with the aim of minimising construction and operating costs. With integrated designing we also achieve savings in HVAC contracts. Indeed we have usually stayed well within the proposed budgets. Evidence of the artistic level of our projects are the numerous prizes from architectural competitions and the publication of our works in Finnish and international journals, exhibitions and television broadcasts. We have received special recognition as designers of buildings that are well suited for townscapes and difficult climatic conditions.

In addition to conventional architectural design we also conduct analyses of the microclimates of our building sites and ecological assessments of the environment. We design our buildings to be universally applicable structures that can easily accommodate new and very different functions.

Our interior decorator checks the furnishing possibilities and placing of plant lighting, etc., already during the drafting stage. We can design the entire interior if our client so wishes.