Project Developement

The most important decisions affecting the costs, functions and operational economy of projects are made at the beginning of the project. That's why it is often advantageous to have an experienced architect participate in the work as soon as the strategy and vision are being drawn up and when deciding on the method of implementation.

Today, both construction companies and cities are doing more and more development work. Many projects are also eligible for EU, TEKES or other public funding. In order to prepare a successful application or plot relinquishment competition, the project plan must be of high quality and the application papers and appendices must be compiled properly.

We are one of the few architects' offices that conducts research, see below for examples (see also the reference page).

Project development:

  • Housing plot relinquishment competitions.
  • Business premises, commercial construction.
  • Tourism projects, spas.
  • Senior living and services, patient hotels.
  • Planning the use of and renovation of old buildings.
  • Construction projects abroad.

Development of construction:

  • Seamless concrete facades (Rajaville Oy, Partek Oy).
  • Timber multi-storey buildings (Skanska Oy).
  • Ecological multi-storey buildings, quality management (YH-rakennuttajat, Rakennuspetäjä Oy)
  • Development of housing design, surveys of residential groups (Hartela-Forum Oy).
  • Consideration of climate change in construction (VTT, cities).

EU projects:

  • Round Pole in Building.
  • Development of an ecological tourist centre, Rokua LIFE.
  • Development of an ecological wooden house system, ECONO project.