Community and environmental planning

The principle behind designing the aura of a place is demanding, as it requires a different approach for each project. Architecture is history recorded in stone. Architecture is often the only visible evidence left from different periods in history.

We have carried out numerous town planning projects in Finland, Norway, Germany and China. To support community planning we have developed an environmental analysis method, planning guidelines and equipment for wind testing of scale models, the CASE method. Our workshop method also makes it possible for our clients to participate in the designing and makes it easier to achieve the desired final result.

The fact that we are an experienced building designer helps in many situations where selection of the right building types forms the basis for a town plan or block development. Among other things, we have participated in the development of low-dense architecture and new types of houses suitable for cities. Our starting point is a community structure that is functionally versatile, economical and ecological.

Madgeburger Hafen, Hampuri Plan for in-fill building of the historic wooden town of Raahe Plan for a resort, Zhi Yin Gu, China \Development \Rebuilding \CO2-neutral \CO2-neutral \CO2-neutral