Yhdyskunta- ja ympäristösuunnittelu


Creating a pleasant living environment in a disintegrating city structure that is continuously changing requires two kinds of approaches. The entity must be kept discernible with large penetrating themes that support the overall identity of a community, while detail planning is carried out in sectors that should have their own character, genius logi.

Community planning usually involves problematic conflicting interests. On the other hand, conflicts controlled within the framework in our workshops can bring desired dynamism to the final result.

We implement the following themes, among others, in our work:

  • A community structure that is easy to discern.
  • Social and cultural networks.
  • An urban structure that supports the local economy.
  • Lifestyle belts.
  • Urban planning economics and management of environmental maintenance costs.
  • Demands imposed by different seasons

Safety has become an increasingly important requirement in community construction. Social control can be influenced through placement of functions and by using a private/public hierarchy of space. Children's safety requires analysis of their living environment and travel routes as well as elimination of dangerous places.

Even a good plan cannot improve conditions if its implementation cannot be ensured. To control the quality of the environment, we use planning regulations, model plans and plot relinquishment terms. However, most important is to ensure the commitment of future users to common goals, which is promoted by participatory planning.

Ecological housing, Speyer, Germany. Östra Kronan, Luleå