• Office buildings
  • Multipurpose centres
  • Tervola winter village (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
  • Model testing with wind blower and environmentally conscious planning and architecture, (Ministry of Housing, TEKES)
  • Planning and building design in the Nordic Countries (Ministry of the Environment)
  • Wood industry and wooden ecological buildings (University of Lapland MYP)
  • Timber framed multi-storey building (SKANSKA builders Ltd)
  • Tourism, Culture, Environment (programme for an EU-project)
  • Future of wooden houses in the European market (Finnish Timber Council, Woodfocus Ltd)
  • ECONO, Ecological Wooden Houses for Harsch Climate Areas (EU-project)
  • Impact of the climate change on planning and building, guidelines, (The Ministry of Environment, VTT)


  • Working Group Education (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Island)
  • Member of the Green Building Challenge group of Finland 2000-2002
  • Representative of Finland in EU COST Action 14, Impact of wind and storm on city life and built environment 2001-2004