Public Buildings

Public buildings play an important role in society, as they function as the collective memory of a community. They often dominate the cityscape or villagescape and, as model buildings, represent good methods of construction.

The mere presence of service buildings expresses the desire of a community to take care of its members. Schools, nursing homes, kindergarten, etc., are often important architectural points of reference and functional centres of the local community.

Service functions take up a lion's share of public budgets, which is why it is especially important to plan them carefully. Small savings in design and construction can easily backfire as multiple operating costs.

Sodankylä's town hall Kindergarten, Sodankylä Library and senior home, Rajakylä Oulu. Clubhouse of Viikki, Helsinki. Kindergarten Vallesmanni, Helsinki. Kindergarten of Paulaharju, Sodankylä. Keminmaa high school.