Housing production has always been one of our main lines of activities. We've designed over 900 residences in Finland, Norway and Germany. We continuously conduct housing research and development for ourselves and for the government. Our office has received international recognition for high quality housing design and neighbourhood planning. Examples of this include many published works as well as invitations to competitions in Bergen, Berlin, Espoo, Hamburg, Helsinki, Tuusula and Japan.

A home should meet and suit the needs of a person's whole life. That is why we have studied new residential concepts and flexibility of living.


The family structure is changing, the population is ageing and working at home is on the rise. According to marketing research, demand will focus on entirely new kinds of areas, houses and residences. This calls for a renewal of housing design.

Buildings stay longer and vandalism is less frequent in a pleasant environment.

The problem of windiness is crucial in the planning of residential yards. We are the only architects' office in Finland with its own wind tunnel equipment, which allows us to actively improve the microclimate and reduce energy consumption.

We have concentrated on the following themes in housing design:

  • Flexible room layouts and new types of apartment buildings (yard buildings, etc.).
  • Development of different forms of living and life span residences.
  • Sound materials, good interior air quality, integrated ventilation.
  • Diversification of residential environments.

In the midst of change, residents often feel a need for stability, stabilitas logi, which can be realised with archetypal structures or architecture that is aware traditions.

Pakkahuoneenkatu, Oulu (Finland) Caritas, Oulu (Finland) Oulu (Finland) Helsinki (Finland) International student apartments PSOAS Aurora, Oulu